Anton Goudsmit


Efraïm Trujillo

Saxophones & Flute

Jeroen Vierdag

Electric & Acoustic Bass

Martijn Vink


The Ploctones

represent everything that jazz is about. They express a feeling of liberation, that can only exist in your wildest fantasies. Their music swings, howls, vibrates, bangs and whacks like nothing else. And if you would describe improvisation as 'a question of catching what goes around', then the Ploctones prove that they have perfectly tuned antenna for this. Half a note is enough to create a musical universe. But there is not only jazz in this universe.

If you try to put a lable on the Ploctones, they will deliberately break the barriers. So what is it that the Ploctones blow through their microphones? Jazz rock, blues or funk? It is all of that. Latin, kaseko, punk, pop, r&b, country, bluegrass? All styles are in there. Goudsmit, Trujillo, Vierdag & Vink devour every great musical idea with pleasant greed and their joy is utterly contagious. Shall we put another log on the fire? Let's just do it!

The Ploctones are a highly physical band, straight ahead with a wind force scale 10. Efraïm Trujillo blows the bottom out of his tenor saxophone, Anton Goudsmit is producing electric shocks from his guitar, Jeroen Vierdag dances over his bass strings and Martijn Vink steadily makes the impossible possible on his drums. All four musicians have unique stories to tell on their instruments. They give and take the space to explore and express those stories, but the group sound always has priority over their personal ego.

This is not a band in which a proper rhythm section indicates the time and the soloists take turns in doing their thing. The role-playing is constantly shifting. You can hear the most subtle melodies on bass or drums, carrying you away, and incredibly catchy rhythms from guitar and saxophone. As unambiguous as their song titles are (translated to English that is Ass, Shut Up, Fear of Poles and The Thirst), as ingenious is their music, ranging from a ticking time bomb, ready to explode, to the finest clockwork mechanism.